Zain Abbas Shahid

I contacted Zain as we needed a ecommerce website with specific functionality. Zain understood my needs and ran me through timelines and prototypes which gave me the confidence to give him the task.

I am really glad to say the website was better than what I imagined and was completed with a fay to spare.

I highly recommend anyone who wants a website to use Zain. Looking to work with him on our app which we aim to have out soon.
Zohaib Sharif
I know Zain personally. He is a very trustworthy person and do his work very sincere. I saw his works for other people and it is really impressive. He does it with passion and is a genunine person at all.

I would recommend people to contact him if they want to have a website or an app. Zain Abbas knows his field and do more than expected and asked. I am sure he will impress you all too. Just make the first step and ask him if you need something. He is an amazing human being with amazings skills.
Syed Naqi Rizvi
Terrific work done by Zain in developing my App named Mamado Islamic App. Professionalism and Dedication is what I like about his work.

He delivers what he promises. Another Masterpiece in the making by him.
Mrs. Sukaina Nasser Mamado
Very good work and timely completion to a great standard. Always prompt in making any amendments and works with completed with great diligence.

Zishaan Moledina
Zain’s talent on making websites continues to increase from strength to strength. A reliable individual who will be there with you from start to finish keeping you updated at every stage. I definitely would recommend him.
Imran Datoo
The creativity Zain puts up in his work is worth every penny. His work has given my website a new boost and I owe it to him. One of the finest being to work with.

Mrs. Rajani
This App(14 Stars) is amazing and very effective .. I would recommend everyone to download and use it as Mashallah it has lots of information and the fonts are big and readable .. Allah swt bless all who have developed this App.

Hozaiph Bhalloo
I have no words to express my gratitude towards the App(14 Stars) developers and designers. JazakAllah and may Allah bless you with immense happiness and success in world here and hereafter. This is beautifully developed and easily accessible by all age groups. Thank you and looking forward for more features.
Mrs. Erum Rizvi
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